Rendering of the 55 Acre River Park

Think Before You Print

We've put a lot of thought into this initiative and we believe it is a major win for San Diego. We pride ourselves on transparency and welcome you to review our analysis in full. Here is our full plan to make SD a better place with parks, housing and entertainment... all without taxpayer dollars.

26,000 Jobs and $2.8 Billion Added to San Diego's Economy

SoccerCity brings a 26,000 permanent jobs and a $2.8B boost to San Diego's economy. Read the full report here from the San Diego Economic Development Corporation.

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Paid for by GOAL: San Diegans for the River Park, School Funding, Soccer and a Tax-Free Stadium - A Committee to redevelop the Qualcomm Stadium site, sponsored by MLS SD Pursuit, LLC, with financial support from Michael Stone and Peter Seidler. 7185 Navajo Rd., SD.