Fact Check: River Park

SDSU West Statement:

SDSU’s design team has “proposed an open space much larger than the $40 million river park shown in renderings proposed by Soccer City.

Source: SDSU West Facebook post on Monday, Oct. 23 at 9:10 a.m., sharing an NBC San Diego video

The Facts:

The SDSU West initiative includes a map that indicates precisely what portion of the Qualcomm stadium site the university would purchase if it prevails. That area excludes the very portion featured in the NBC San Diego “exclusive” look at the river park design. Under the SDSU West initiative’s specific language, SDSU would not purchase the river park area shown in the designs in the NBC San Diego video; however, the initiative would allow the university to deduct the value of that land from the fair market value of the portion of the land it is purchasing — essentially, double-dipping on the discount.

Specifically, the initiative states that “the costs for revitalizing and restoring the adjacent River Park” may be a consideration in determining the fair market value of the land the university purchases. (Emphasis added.)

As shown in the image below, the SDSU West initiative defines the area intended for purchase by the university as the 132-acre parcel defined as the “existing stadium site.”

The next image show an overlay of the SDSU West plan on the site. This shows the river park area that SDSU West proponents have spoken of is actually land that would be retained by the city.

Finally, the next image shows the SoccerCity site plan. The red dotted line around the perimeter of the land shows the areas that SoccerCity will purchase — which clearly demonstrates that SoccerCity will purchase the park land, and provides a park commitment that far exceeds that of the SDSU West Initiative.